Video: RPG Maker Game “the Wizard of Ooze” 04 – “Lava Labyrinth”

I've got a new video play-through series of 11 videos I'm releasing on YouTube over the next week, playing through my fist full-release game demo in the RPG Maker MV engine, "the Wizard of Ooze".

"Welcome to the Dungeon, we got fun and games... "

Great Balls Of Fire! What do Arcade-Style JRPG Smashups need? Elemental Levels, Of Course! Our adventure starts the parade with the Lava Labyrinth. Not really so much a Labyrinth as a twisty bit of hallway in which to die by fatal doses of Lava-flow. This level introduces the first of the Elemental Armor Suits, which are powerful and cool and color-coordinated. Fly. Dope... a Hot Mess~

I started a Playlist on YouTube so you can catch all of them there.

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